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When asked what her best asset was Irish frequently expressed regret that no one ever commented on her impressive stomach.  Her magnificent breasts always overshadowed her gorgeous exotic face, her long shapely legs and her flat muscular abdomen.  Steve Sullivan, pinup aficionado, commented, "In the 1950s, a 39-and-a-half-inch bosom was considered a thing of wonder, and Irish's admirers regarded it - and her- with awe."  She has acknowledged that if it hadn't been for her measurements she would have been just another pretty girl and possibly led an average life - "...which wouldn't have been half as much fun."  In an interview she gave shortly after her initial test for the role of Sheena Irish said the part represented a chance to get away from pin-ups.  "I've played second fiddle to my chest for long enough." She declared. (Glamour Girls)  Fortunately for her, the enduring success as an artist she experienced in her later life allowed her an opportunity to prove to the world that she was much more than a vapid, large-breasted vamp.

In truth, the fact that Irish McCalla was endowed with an impressive chest, statuesque legs, a lean well-formed stomach, an athletic, Amazonian frame AND striking features together is an astounding phenomenon.  The impact she had on the modelling world of the early 1950s is unquestionable.  The letters pages of Night and Day magazine were literally swamped by mail wanting more, and more, and more, of this incredible looking woman.  The chances of someone looking like this and also being a witty, intelligent and feisty, independent woman are a million to one.  And did this woman, blessed with all of the gifts of creation, become a brash, self-centered, egotistical peacock, as most would expect?  Far from it. To the end of her days Irish McCalla remained the down-to-earth, pragmatic, virtuous and charming individual she always had been (to verify this assessment yourself listen to a full-length interview with Irish from 1995 on the Irish McCalla Audio-Visual page).  To also be furnished with creative talents raises the wonder factor even further.  But it doesn't stop there for me.  The fact that it was THIS woman that fate conspired to be handed the opportunity to play Sheena, the Queen of the Jungle borders on the miraculous for me.  Fans reading this probably have a knowing smile on their faces.  Those outside the fraternity will almost certainly think this deluded.  C'est la vie!

To see what all of the fuss was about and the reason for her popularity, click on the image at right to explore an extensive collection of glamour and television magazines that Irish McCalla appeared in between 1950 and 2008.

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