TARZAN II - 2005

Producer Carolyn Bates
Coproducers Leslie Hough & Jim Kamerud
Director Brian Smith
Jim Kamerud; Brian Smith; Bob Tzudiker & Noni White
Character creation Edgar Rice Burroughs
Songs Phil Collins

Tarzan Harrison Chad
Zugor George Carlin
Uto Brad Garrett
Kago Ron Perlman
Mama Gunda Estelle Harris
Kala Glenn Close
Kerchak Lance Henrikson
Terk Brenda Grate
Tantor Harrison Fahn

The Disney folk felt inspired to produce a "lost tale of Tarzan's youth", to fill in the gap left by the transition from child to man seen in the Son of Man song sequence in Tarzan (1999).  Unlike the cheaply made first sequel, Tarzan & Jane (2002), this direct-to-video prequel has lush animation, well-developed characters, new songs by Phil Collins, and accomplished actors providing the voices.  Glenn Close and Lance Henrikson return to reprise their roles as Kala and Kerchak respectively, and Estelle Harris (George Kostanza's mother in Seinfeld) is especially hilarious as Mama Gunda.  Iconoclastic comedian and actor, George Carlin, played the crabby, old Zugo and  Ron Perlman, who played Hellboy (2004), voiced Kago.  Alex D Linz, who had provided the voice for Tarzan as a boy in the original feature, had since grown up and was unable to recreate the role, but was capably replaced by Harrison Chad.  The "ugly duckling" story of Tarzan's inability to cope as an ape is sensitively told.

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PLOT - Note: Spoiler warning

• Young Tarzan flees to the desolate region of the Dark Mountain when he is overcome by feelings of inadequacy as an ape.  He is captured by a trio of outcast large apes - Mama Gunda, a tough old she-ape; Kago, her violent son; and Uto, his dimwitted brother (top) - who are terrified of a monster named Zugor.  He escapes and stumbles upon a grouchy old ape who lives alone in a cave (right).  Tarzan discovers that this is Zugor, who has created the boogeyman myth to preserve his privacy.  Terk, Tantor and Kala arrive at the Dark Mountain looking for Tarzan, but Mama Gunda and her boys attack Kala and throw her over a waterfall.  Tarzan arrives to save Kala and Zugor realises he is attracted to Mama Gunda while they are fighting.   He decides to join her family and sets about imposing some moral discipline on her two boys.  Tarzan is happy to be reunited with his mother and Zugor, his new friend, points out to him that his cleverness is a special gift that makes him unique amongst the apes.


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