Director John Guillermin
Producer Sy Weintraub
Screenplay Robert Hardy Andrews
& John Guillermin

Tarzan Jock Mahoney
Jai, the Elephant Boy Himself
Gajendra, King of the Elephants Himself
Bryce Leo Gordon
Princess Kamara Simi
O'Hara Mark Dana
Raju Kamar Feroz Khan
Maharajah Murad
Raj Jagdish Raj
Chakra G Raghaven

• With the retirement of Gordon Scott, Sy Weintraub began searching for Tarzan number 13.  A driven 38-year-old striving for independence, he began by buying out his partner, Harvey Hayutin, and renaming his company Banner Productions.  Weintraub saw Tarzan as taller, leaner and more agile than Gordon Scott had been.  He had already chosen his next Tarzan when watching the first rushes of Tarzan the Magnificent.  Playing the malevolent Coy Banton in that film was ex-stuntman Jock Mahoney.  Mahoney, at 42, has the distinction of being the oldest rookie Tarzan ever - Weissmuller retired at 43.  Mahoney had auditioned for the part when Weissmuller retired but had lost out to Lex Barker.  Weintraub was keen to tap the lucrative foreign market and chose India as his new setting.  He chose Simi, his lead actress, from 800 applicants who answered an ad in a Bombay daily and he discovered Jai the elephant boy on the streets of Bombay (see photo at left).  Many felt that Mahoney was too lean to portray Tarzan but at the time the film became the biggest commercial success in the history of the series. (Essoe & Fury)

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PLOT - Note: Spoiler warning
• Tarzan is summoned to India by an old friend, a maharajah, who is concerned that 300 elephants will be drowned when a valley is flooded by a new dam for a hydroelectric scheme.  Tarzan clashes with O'Hara, the project manager, and Bryce, the construction engineer, who are determined to complete the project by the deadline and see Tarzan's plan to rescue the elephants as a major hindrance.  Tarzan is assisted by the maharajah's daughter, Princess Kamara, and Jai, a young mahout who rides a mighty elephant named Gajendrah.  Local refugees displaced by the new dam build a large stockade and Tarzan kills Bala, the rogue that leads the elephants, with an arrow to the brain.  The refugees drive the elephants into the stockade and then Tarzan, riding Gajendrah, leads the elephants through the pass but he must demolish a blockade with an arrow rigged with dynamite to allow the elephants to escape.  Tarzan then offers the services of both the elephants and the refugees to help finish the project on time.  His mission is now completed.

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Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe, 1968, The Citadel Press
Kings of the Jungle by David Fury, 1994, McFarland Classics
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This film has never been released commercially but collectors sometimes offer it on DVD on eBay

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