Director Robert Day
Producer Sy Weintraub
Associate Producer Steve Shagan
Screenplay Clair Huffaker

Tarzan Mike Henry
Vinero David Opatoshu
Ramel Manuel Padilla Jr
Sophia Renault Nancy Kovak
Mr Train Don Megowan
Perez Enrique Lucero
Talmadge Eduardo Noriega
Voss John Kelly
Mango Francisco Riquerio
Ruiz Frank Brandstetter

• Weintraub's future plans included a Tarzan TV series and it was felt that Jock Mahoney was too old to devote several years to developing a TV show.  Weintraub had also developed a variable and unrestrictive formula for his future Tarzan films: 1. a reasonably believable situation; 2. a young Burt Lancaster cast as Tarzan; and 3. location shooting in an international locale not previously seen in a Tarzan film.  To find "a young Burt Lancaster" Weintraub screened three hundred applicants.  His final selection was 28-year-old pro-footballer Mike Henry of the LA Rams.  Henry's six-foot-three, 228 pound (104kg) superbly muscled physique was ideal for the ape-man.  Additionally, he had some acting experience - Spencer's Mountain (1963) and guest spots on TV shows like 77 Sunset Strip and Hawaiian Eye.  To increase Tarzan's sex appeal Jane was excluded and Tarzan's loincloth shrunk in size.  A script was developed by well-known adventure writer Clair Huffaker and the cast and crew were shipped off to Mexico.  Weintraub developed a novel approach to location shooting that involved filming silent so that trainers could yell commands to animals and background noises such as birds and passing airplanes could be eliminated.  Actors voices were dubbed in later.  A hip, brassy score was used and Henry's opening scenes wearing a lightweight suit and occasional use of firearms and weapons attempted to update Tarzan for the 1960s - a James Bond of the jungle. (Essoe)

• The ape cry was not used in this film.

PLOT - Note: Spoiler warning
• Tarzan is summoned to Mexico by an old friend for a mysterious unexplained mission.  He soon learns from his dying friend that in international criminal named Vinero (above - far right) and his men have kidnapped a young boy named Ramel to lead them to the Valley of Tucomy, a lost Incan city full of gold.  Tarzan and some old animal friends head off into the jungle and manage to free Ramel.  Sophia, Vinero's girlfriend (above - middle), joins their band when Tarzan successfully removes explosive devices that Vinero has strapped to her body.  Tarzan and his friends reach Tucomy ahead of Vinero but these peace-loving people resist his attempts to persuade them that they must fight.  Vinero's commandos arrive in an armoured half-track and begin a reign of terror to get their hands on the gold. Vinero is trapped inside a vault and is suffocated by gold, Tarzan battles Mr Train, Vinero's giant henchman (above - far left), and the rest of Vinero's men are routed as peace is restored.

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Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe, 1968, The Citadel Press
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