Directors Robert Day
Producer Sy Weintraub
Associate Producer Steve Shagan
Screenplay Bob Barbash & Lewis Reed

Tarzan Mike Henry
Captain Sam Bishop Jan Murray
Pepe Manuel Padilla Jr
Dr Ann Philips Diana Millay
Barcuma Rafer Johnson
Professor Paulo Gracindo

• While the editing of Tarzan and the Valley of Gold was progressing for a Christmas 1965 release, Weintraub was organising for the cast and crew to fly to Brazil to commence work on the second Mike Henry film.  By late August 1965 Henry and the company were in Rio De Janeiro.  The plan was that after the completion of shooting on Great River they would take a short break and then begin work on the TV series.  Unfortunately, the shooting schedule was badly disrupted in the second week of shooting when Dinky the chimp bit Mike Henry on the chin, inflicting a wound that required 20 stitches.  Henry then suffered from some kind of "monkey fever" delirium for three days.  The script was rewritten to allow the crew to work without Henry and Dinky had to be destroyed.  A different animal was used in the later scenes.  The film also starred Manuel Padilla Jr, who had previously played the role of Pepe in Tarzan and the Valley of Gold.  He would also become a regular playing Jai in the Ron Ely Tarzan TV series. (Essoe & Fury)

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PLOT - Note: Spoiler warning
• Tarzan is once again called by an old friend to help deal with a difficult situation.  A ruthless madman named Barcuna leads a cult of jaguar worshippers that are burning the local natives' villages and enslaving them to work in the cult's diamond mine.  Tarzan, accompanied by Baron the lion and his old friend, Cheta the chimp, team up with Sam Bishop, the cynical captain of a rusty old cargo boat and Pepe, his young deck hand.  They encounter Dr Ann Phillips whose jungle hospital has been destroyed by Barcuna.  They all travel on to Marakeet where Dr Phillips inoculates the residents against a plague epidemic they are suffering from (above).  Tarzan then goes after Barcuna.  At the diamond mine Tarzan denounces Barcuna in front of his followers and challenges him to a fight to the death atop a high scaffold (left).  The two fighters plunge to the river below where Tarzan finally succeeds in drowning Barcuna.  Bishop, Pepe and Dr Ann farewell Tarzan, who is staying on to rebuild what Barcuna and his followers have destroyed.

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• Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe, 1968, The Citadel Press
• Kings of the Jungle by David Fury, 1994, McFarland Classics
• The poster for this film was pilfered from a Heritage Auctions item
• Both photos are screenshots taken from my DVD of this film

• The video clip of the trailer for this film was uploaded to Youtube by me specifically to embed in this web page
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• This film has never been released commercially but collectors sometimes offer it on DVD on eBay

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