Directors Robert Day and Robert Gordon
Producer Sy Weintraub
Screenplay Stephen Lord

Tarzan Mike Henry
Nagambi Rafer Johnson
Myrna Claudel Aliza Gur
Jukaro/Erik Brunik Steve Bond
Ken Matson Ronald Gans
Buhara Edward Johnson

• Producer Sy Weintraub's company had spent a grueling six months filming Tarzan and the Great River and everyone, especially leading man Mike Henry, was in need of a rest.  Cast and crew had been promised a break before production on the TV series began but this plan was revised by Weintraub to take advantage of the weather and rush the production of a third Henry Tarzan feature.  The new film would be filmed in Brazil but set in Africa.  Henry, who, had been weakened by dysentery and "monkey fever" during the previous film (see link above) then contracted an ear infection caused by a fall, which was followed by a viral infection of his liver.  Rio was then hit by the worst floods in 100 years.  Expensive sets were damaged, production was delayed and Weintraub lost valuable time he needed to meet the pressing TV schedule.  Henry, feeling his health was more important, resigned and walked away from the TV series.  He was later replaced by Ron Ely.   Henry had made three Tarzan films in 12 months but none were yet released.  His career as the ape-man was finished before the public learned how well his appearance suited the character. (Essoe & Fury)

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PLOT - Note: Spoiler warning
Tarzan is asked by Myrna, a magazine reporter, to help find a geologist's son who went missing six years earlier.  In Zegunda country, where the boy has been spotted, the sons of the chief, Nagambi and Buhara, are both vying to be successor and Tarzan intervenes in the tournament to save Buhara's life when Nagambi cheats.  Nagambi is denounced and Buhara is installed as chief.  Buhara offers to find Jukaro, the lost boy, to repay his debt of gratitude.  Buhara is ambushed by Nagambi's men and is staked out as lion bait but Jukaro and his leopard drive off the lions.  Jukaro nurses Buhara back to health and Tarzan attempts to rescue Myrna, whose whole party have been killed by Nagambi and his followers.  Myrna is about to be sacrificed but Tarzan must first battle Nagambi (right), who he defeats him but spares his life.  Buhara and Nagambi then fight it out with spears and Buhara slays his malevolent brother.  Tarzan counsels Jukaro to return to civilisation and Jukaro undertakes to become Eric Brunik again and to become a geologist like his father.

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Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe, 1968, The Citadel Press
Kings of the Jungle by David Fury, 1994, McFarland Classics
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