Director John Derek
Producer Bo Derek
Story Edgar Rice Burroughs
Screenplay Gary Goodard
Stunt Coordinator Jock Mahoney

Tarzan Miles O'Keefe
Jane Bo Derek
Parker Richard Harris
Holt John Phillip Law
Africa Akushula Selayah
Ivory King Steve Strong
Riano Maxime Philoe

Club members

Wilfred Hyde-White, Laurie
Mains & Harold Ayer

• Dark and handsome matinee idol, John Derek (left), turned to directing after a series of indifferent roles in the 1950s.  He took advantage of the opportunity presented by his succession of attractive, but icy, actress-wives to produce a string of weak, unmemorable films.  His second wife, Ursula Andress appeared in Once Before I Die (1965), more memorable for the inclusion of TV Tarzan, Ron Ely.  His third wife, Linda Evans, appeared in the forgettable Childish Things (1969).  Derek finally hit pay dirt in 1973 when he discovered a beautiful 16-year-old CaIifornian girl named Mary Cathleen Collins who, as Bo Derek, eventually became his fourth wife.  The Dereks' less-than-brilliant idea to remake, yet again, the original Weissmuller Tarzan film as a dismal, self-indulgent vehicle for Bo downgraded the entire series.  It inspired Leonard Maltin's "Movie and Video Guide" to comment that this film "nearly forced the editors of this book to devise a rating lower than BOMB".  The Net is full of comments by not-too-bright males salivating over Bo's frequent nudity, but the reviewer who said this film is "about as erotic as a Shirley temple musical" was closer to the mark.  Bo's acting skills consist of putting her thumb-nail to her bottom lip to convey terror, confusion, panic and (eek!) sexual arousal.  Not surprisingly, they all appear identical.  Richard Harris behaves as if he soon realised that this turkey would never fly and gives an excruciatingly-bad, over-the-top performance.  Miles O'Keefe, who grunts a few times and never speaks, has the best lines in the film.  (Fury & IMDB)

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PLOT - Note: Spoiler warning
• A 1980's beach babe, Jane, is mysteriously transplanted to 1910 Sri Lanka to work on her all-over tan.  She hires a boat to find her estranged father and manages to skinny-dip on route.  She joins her father, James Parker, an endearing deranged egomaniac who yells a lot, and his grinning assistant, Holt, in a search for the elephants' burial ground (above).  Naturally, she decides to get naked and go for a swim instead.  Jane is abducted by a mute male model who lives with primates from different continents and after he has inspected her mysterious bosom (left) they stare at each other a bit.  The party is abducted by natives who live in a fun park with some topless Hollywood hopefuls and their chief, a rock-and-roll wrestler.  The bimbo manages to get naked again and they are rescued by the male model.  The credits roll and Jane gets naked again in case you missed it the other three times. The end (purrlease).

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Kings of the Jungle by David Fury, 1994, McFarland Classics
• IMDb's (Internet Movie Database) John Derek biography
• The movie poster for this film was pilfered from a Heritage Auctions item
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