Director Brian Yuzna
Producer Burton Armus
Executive Producers Max Keller & Micheline Keller
Story Edgar Rice Burroughs
Adaptation Burton Armus

Tarzan Joe Lara
Collette de Coude Lydie Denier
Nicholai Rokoff Andrew Divoff
Mugambi Ralph Wilcox
Phillip D'Arnot Dennis Christopher
Mora, Queen of the Mahars Corey Everson
Jana Linda Hoffman
Alexis Nicholas Worth
Micah Lloyd C Corricelli

• During the time that Max and Micheline Keller controlled the TV rights for Tarzan they produced a fairly impressive body of work, at least in volume - the Tarzan in Manhattan telemovie with Joe Lara (1989), the Wolf Larson Tarzan TV series (1991-1994), this telemovie pilot (1996), and 20 episodes of the Tarzan: The Epic Adventures TV series also with Joe Lara (1996-1997).  The concept, an admirable one, was to try to faithfully translate the works of ERB to the small screen, which had never been done before.  The pilot, which was filmed in Florida, gave us such well-loved Burroughs creations as Paul D'Arnot, the Countess de Coude (played by the lovely Lydie Denier who played a modern Jane in the Wolf Larson series), the villains Rokoff and Paulvitch, and a trip to Pellucidar to take on the Mahars.  The series derived from this pilot was filmed on location in South Africa and maintained the tone set by the pilot.  A lot of the special effects are a bit hokey, the exotic women are a little too stylish, and the dialogue is very hip and modern, despite being set at the turn of the century.  Despite these concerns, the series was a colourful attempt at a TV Tarzan with many interesting moments.

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PLOT - Note: Spoiler warning
• Tarzan and his friend, Mugambi, pursue two evil Russians who have stolen a crystal amulet, said to be a key of terrifying power, from Tarzan's friend, Collette de Coude.  When the Russians, Rokoff and his henchman, Paulvich, use it to gain access to the mysterious world of Pellucidar at the centre of the earth, Tarzan and Mugambi follow through the portal that the amulet has opened.  Rokoff and Paulvitch are captured by the Mahars, reptilian woman who transform into hideous flying beasts and Rokoff tempts their queen, Mora, with promises of power over the creatures of the outer world.  Tarzan and Mugambi team up with Jana, an attractive blonde cavewoman, who leads them to the Mahar stronghold via a volcanic chamber.  Tarzan battles the transformed Mahars with his arrows and brute strength but Mora escapes through the portal to the outer world with Rokoff.  Tarzan and Mugambi pursue them, do battle, and succeed in casting both Mora and Rokoff back through the portal to Pellucidar.  Tarzan seals the portal with the crystals and departs to embark on further adventures.

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