Director Wilfred Lucas
Producer Bill Parsons
Story Edgar Rice Burroughs

Tarzan Elmo Lincoln
Tarzan as a boy Gordon Griffith
Jane Porter Enid Markey
La Belle Odine Cleo Madison
Lord Greystoke True Boardman
Lady Greystoke Kathleen Kirkham
Professor Porter Thomas Jefferson
Clayton Colin Kenny

• The success of Tarzan of the Apes (1918) inspired Bill Parsons to announce that he was planning a sequel, which forced ERB to object on the grounds that he had only sold the rights to one film.  Parsons retaliated with the claim that the National Film Corporation of America had purchased the rights to Burroughs first book, and it was their prerogative to film it in two parts if they chose to.  Burroughs' lawyers advised him to capitulate.  Elmo Lincoln and Enid Markey returned to again play Tarzan and Jane, but Parsons replaced Scott Sidney, the talented director of the first film, with Wilfred Lucas.  Generally, the film was not as elaborately produced as the first film.  Filming took place at the National Film studio in Hollywood and Topanga Canyon and Griffith Park were again used for the location settings.  The viewing public, who could not get enough of the ape-man, overlooked the film's deficiencies and turned it into another huge hit.  Critics, however, felt it was a mistake to take Tarzan out of his jungle environment and (Essoe & Fury)

PLOT - Note: Spoiler warning
• The film opens with a recapping of the events of the first film.  When the party are attacked by natives Tarzan holds the hordes at bay while Jane and her friends make their escape by rowing to their boat.  Cecil Greystoke, keen to win both Jane's hand and the Greystoke estate, tells the group that he has seen Tarzan killed by natives.  Left stranded and separated from Jane, Tarzan decides to travel in search of her.  He arrives at an island where he meets Father Raoul, a priest who continues his education and teaches him the ways of civilised society.  Tarzan travels to a dancing resort on the Mexican border, finds Jane, and encounters a beautiful vamp, La Belle Odine.  Jane, unaware that La Belle is a colleague of Cecil Greystoke, believes him when he informs her that Tarzan has fallen in love with La Belle.  Jane, saddened and angry, sends Tarzan away and he returns to Africa, now disillusioned with civilisation.  La Belle confesses the deception to Jane and once more she and her father depart for Africa. (Fury)

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Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe, 1968, The Citadel Press
Kings of the Jungle by David Fury, 1994, McFarland Classics
• The poster is from Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe, 1968, The Citadel Press
• The original lobby cards were pilfered from eBay auction items
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