Director Henry MacRae
Producers Carl Laemmle & Henry MacRae
Story Edgar Rice Burroughs
Adaptation Ian McCloskey Heath &
William Lord Wright

Tarzan Frank Merrill
Lady Jane Natalie Kingston
Albert Werper Al Ferguson
La, Queen of Opar Mademoiselle Kithnou
Phillip Annersley Clive Morgan
Achmet Zek Sheldon Lewis
Mohammed Bey Paul Panzer

• The enormous box office success of the Tarzan the Mighty serial prompted Universal to produce a sequel.  Henry MacRae, the studio's top serial director was assigned and both principals from the earlier serial - Frank Merrill and Natalie Kingston (now playing Jane) - were resigned.  Ian McClosky Heath returned again as writer, developing an adaptation of Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar.  Al Ferguson, the villain from Tarzan the Mighty, played the principal antagonist, Albert Werper.  Tarzan the Tiger was released as a 15-chapter serial between October 1929 and February 1930.  It enjoyed the same popular success as it's predecessor - audiences were pleased to see the familiar faces again; the fast-paced adventure was repeated; Frank Merrill's athletic vine climbing and vine swinging stunts were again featured; and the serial had a definite "adult" quality to it.  The shapely Miss Kingston appeared naked in one scene, and an exotic actress name Kithnou played Queen La of Opar, often dressed in skimpy harem outfits, as were the high priestesses of Opar and the women of the slave market scenes.  This film also shares the titles of "last Tarzan silent" and "first Tarzan talkie" as two versions were released.  Sound films were developed during production and Universal hurriedly produced a version with primitive sound - a crude orchestral score, some sound effects, a few lines of dialogue, and most importantly, the first ever Tarzan ape-call.  (Essoe & Fury)

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PLOT - Note: Spoiler warning
• Tarzan visits the treasure vaults of Opar in an attempt to salvage the English Greystoke estate that is in serious financial trouble but looses his memory when he is struck on the head during a cave-in.  In his childlike state he removes a pouch of jewels believing them to be "pretty pebbles".  Meanwhile, a deceitful house guest, Werper, has conspired with an Arab, Akmet Zek, to kidnap Jane and sell her at the slave auction.  Tarzan rescues Jane but he does not recognise her as his mate.  Werper steals Tarzan's "pretty pebbles, and Jane persuades Tarzan to return to his parent's cabin, hoping to trigger some old memories.  Werper kills Achment Zek in an argument and Tarzan reclaims his pouch of jewels from Werper.  Annersley, Tarzan's cousin, arrives in Africa to prove Tarzan is dead so that he can claim the Greystoke title.  Tarzan and Werper fight in the treasure vaults of Opar, Tarzan is knocked unconscious and Werper steals the jewels again.  When Tarzan recovers his memory is restored but he is forced to save Jane who is being sacrificed by Queen La, keen to eliminate her rival for Tarzan's love.  Werper and Annersley are killed by wild animals and Tarzan and Jane are again peacefully reunited.  The jewels will save the Greystoke estates in England.

Chapter 1 - Call of the Jungle Chapter 2 - The Road to Opar Chapter 3- The Altar of the Flaming God
Chapter 4 - The Vengeance of La Chapter 5 - Condemned to Death Chapter 6 - Tantor, the Terrible
Chapter 7 - In Deadly Peril Chapter 8 - The Loop of Death Chapter 9 - Flight of Werper
Chapter 10 - Prisoner of the Apes Chapter 11 - The Jaws of Death Chapter 12 - The Jewels of Opar
Chapter 13 - A Human Sacrifice Chapter 14 - Tarzan's Rage Chapter 15 - Tarzan's Triumph

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Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe, 1968, The Citadel Press
Kings of the Jungle by David Fury, 1994, McFarland Classics
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