"This guy was saving the rainforest long before it was fashionable." -
The Entertainment Weekly Guide To The Greatest Movies Ever Made, 1994, Warner Books

This site is dedicated to my beautiful, blue-eyed wife, Greti.  I have constantly been astounded by her unflagging support and tireless devotion during many lonely hours waiting for me to get this damn project in the bag.  I could not have achieved my goal without her.  In fact, I could not have led my life without her.  She is truly one-in-a-million.  For the record, she does not own a leopard-skin bikini.

• Face on previous page is from visual development art for Disney's Tarzan by John Watkiss - The Tarzan Chronicles by Howard E Green, 1999, Hyperion
• Johnny Weissmuller image is from the front cover of the paperback edition of Tarzan of the Movies by Gabe Essoe, 1968, The Citadel Press
• Russ Manning comic art from Tarzan in the Land That Time Forgot by Russ Manning, 1996, Dark Horse

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