Dec 1912 to Jan 1913
ERB's working title
The Ape Man/Monsieur Tarzan
First published
New Story magazine, Jun to Nov 1913
Magazine title
The Return of Tarzan
First hardcover edition
A C McClurg & Co, Mar 1915
Book illustrator
J Allen St John

Several things inspired ERB to write a sequel a sequel to Tarzan of the Apes. Firstly, he had received a lot of glowing praise for the first story from both readers and critics. Additionally, the All-Story editors were swamped by mail praising the first Tarzan story, many requesting further adventures of the ape-man. He had also had some success with a sequel to his first Martian story; The Gods of Mars was published in All-Story in early 1913. In October of 1912 Thomas Metcalf of All-Story wrote to Ed suggesting that in the sequel Tarzan might visit a civilised metropolis "like London, Paris, or New York". Despite the fact that Ed had followed Metcalf's suggestion, and more surprisingly, considering the financial benefits that they had enjoyed from the first Tarzan story, All-Story rejected the manuscript as "lacking balance". A competitor, New Story Magazine, showed no hesitation in taking the story for $1,000 and it appeared in serial form between June and November 1913. In 1915 the hardcover novel was published, again by McClurg. (Porges)

Tarzan had renounced the right to the woman he loved, and civilization held no pleasure for him. After a brief and harrowing period among men, he turned back to the African jungle where he had grown to manhood. It was there he first heard of Opar, the city of gold, left over from fabled Atlantis. It was a city of hideous men - and of beautiful, savage women, over whom reigned La, high priestess of the Flaming God. Its altars were stained with the blood of many sacrifices. Unheeding of the dangers, Tarzan led a band of savage warriors toward the ancient crypts and the more ancient evil of Opar. (1982 Ballantine paperback)

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan by Irwin Porges, 1975, Brigham Young University Press
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