Commenced 7 Sep 1946, only 83 typewritten
pages completed at time of death
ERB's working title
First published
4 volume Dark Horse Comics graphic novel
Magazine titles
First hardcover edition
Dark Horse Press, April 1995
Book illustrators
Thomas Yeates, Charles Vess,
Gary Gianni and Michael Kaluta

Edgar Rice Burroughs died on 19 March 1950 and for many years it was generally believed that he had left no unpublished manuscripts.  When three of ERB's children, Hulbert Burroughs, John Coleman Burroughs, and Joan Burroughs Pierce, assumed active direction of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc in 1963 they discovered a large number of manuscripts in the their father's office safe.  The safe was believed to contain only those manuscripts returned by publishers after they had been typeset, but the family were astonished to find a large number of unfamiliar manuscripts.  Amongst this material was an unfinished Tarzan story consisting of only 83 typewritten pages.  Fans speculated for almost 30 years about who should complete the text, but it lay untouched until Dark Horse publishers contracted experienced horror novelist, Joe R Lansdale, to tackle the task.  The work's first appearance in April 1995 was as a four volume pulp-style edition, and several artists provided illustrations that were intentionally reminiscent of the pulp era. Critics were almost unanimous that Lansdale was a poor choice for this project because of his stilted and largely uncolourful style. Many fans, however, were elated to have their beloved jungle hero alive in print again, and the fact that some of it was from the pen of the old master himself was good enough for them. (Lupoff & McWhorter)

Once again the roar of Tarzan resounds through Africa as the Lord of the Jungle battles the savage creatures of the wild and helps a beautiful woman search for ancient Ur, lost city of gold.  But Tarzan discovers they aren't alone in their quest.  For evil follows in his path, and terror awaits him and his fierce lion, Jad-bal-ja.  Incredible treasures lie in the ancient city, and horrors even more awesome hunger to destroy the mighty hero. (1997 Del Rey/Ballantine paperback)

Edgar Rice Burroughs: The Man Who Created Tarzan by Irwin Porges, 1975, Brigham Young University Press
• Preface to Del Rey/Ballantine paperback edition by George T McWhorter
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• Arthur Sydam covers from the four 1995 Dark Horse Press graphic novel editions were pilfered from eBay auction items
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