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• Frank Bonilla, my collaborator on this website (see below) wrote to me recently to ask for help with a fascinating new project that has just been launched in June 2019.  Peter Greenwood, an Australian-born conservator of old televsions shows is attempting to raise funds via the GoFundMe platform to preserve a variety of old shows, including Sheena, Queen of the Jungle which starred the statuesque Irish McCalla.  Peter has many connections with collectors and industry professionals and appears to be a very tenacious individual who is reluctant to abandon the challenges he takes on.  He has already acheived some remakable success in this field by collecting and restoring two classic television series - My Living Doll (1964-65), which starred Bob Cummings and Julie Newmar, and My Favourite Martian (1963-66), which starred Bill Bixby and Ray Winston.  You can read the Wikipedia artice about Peter Greenwood HERE and if you would like to read about the GoFundMe project or make a contribution you can access his GoFundMe page HERE.

• This Irish McCalla tribute would not have been possible without the generosity of Frank Bonilla, long-time fan and one-time acquaintance of Irish (see photo at right - click to enlarge).  Frank's boundless enthusiasm for all things Irish and Sheena has resulted in this site being much better than it otherwise would have been.  He has provided advice, personal anecdotes, images, artwork, scans of old magazines, etc, etc, etc.  You will see his name mentioned frequently in these pages.  Frank is always looking for obscure Irish McCalla and Sheena items.  If you think you can help him please contact

• Photo of Irish as Sheena holding knife is from TV Guide magazine, 16-22 June 1956
• Sheena comic image by Maurice Whitman is from the front cover of Jumbo Comics No. 155
• Jumbo Comic cover and Sheena Stories pulp cover were pilfered from eBay auction items
• Colourised photo of Irish McCalla and Neal the chimp is from Irish Of The Jungle comic by Paragon Publications 2002, editor Bill Black
• Photo of Tanya Roberts is from Prevue magazine, Dec 1984
• Sheela image is from the offical pressbook for this film made by Dwarkish Productions, Bombay- my private collection
• Photo of Gena Lee Nolin is from the Sheena series presskit

This large and very detailed section of my website about Sheena, the female jungle heroine, is only a part of a much larger site about Tarzan, on who Sheena is based.  The site contains detailed analyses of the Tarzan films and novels.  If you would like to view those pages please click on the link below to go to my home page, which has the main menu for the site.  For those who may like to write, there is also a link to my email address.

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