FICTION HOUSE COMICS and the origin of Sheena

In his introductory essay in The Golden Age Sheena Queen of the Jungle, published by AC Comics, Bill Black explains that when he was a kid his favourite comic heroes were super-heroes and masked cowboys, like The Durango Kid and Captain Marvel.  The guy who lived behind him liked Sheena, and he could never understand why.  Black realised later that the reason was that the other kid was a few years older than he was. The cocktail of hormones racing through the blood of that teenage boy equipped him for a much more sophisticated appreciation of the delights of Fiction House comics.  A cursory examination of the cover montages presented on this page should illuminate the point for the uninitiated.  In Jungle Comics Ka'a'nga's mate, Ann, had an amazing capacity for finding herself in every kind of bondage situation; Rangers Comics offered the feisty pioneer gal Firehair; and Planet Comics presented all manner of exotic space babes.  However, the queen of them all, and the breadwinner of the Fiction House stable, was a long-legged blonde in an abbreviated leopard-skin outfit.  She always had the upper hand, whether against savage beasts, cantankerous natives or greedy white hunters.  Sheena was always in there kicking butt.  This is her story.

Page 1 Sheena Prehistory
Page 2 The Origin of Sheena
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Page 5 The Decline of Fiction House
Page 6 Post-Fiction House Sheena Comics
Page 7 Conclusion

Click on the image below to view a complete set of Jumbo and Jungle Comics covers, and examples of other Fiction House titles:

• Essay, Sheena Queen of the Jungle, by Bill Black and Bill Feret in The Golden Age Sheena Queen of the Jungle, Paragon Publications, 1999

• The montages of Fiction House covers were created from a CD-Rom of comic covers in my private collection

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