Sheena Queen of the Jungle - Episode 4
Forbidden Land

Director Arthur Pierson
Producer Edward Nassour
Screenplay Ken Field
Story Supervision Joel Murcott

Sheena Irish McCalla
Bob Rayburn Christian Drake
Chim Neal

Phillip Sargent Ferdinand Wagner
Myra Sargent Miriam Bannister
Charles Kevin Marc Lambert

PLOT - NOTE: Spoiler warning
Bob guides an elderly film maker named Phillip Sargent (far left) into the jungle to attempt to photograph the elusive and inhospitable Nakuru tribe because he has long harboured a wish to do so.  His is accompanied by his demanding and haughty daughter-in-law, Myra, who is also recently widowed (centre).  Myra and Sargent's sleazy secretary, Charles Kevin (second from left), conspire to kill sargent so that Myra can inherit his fortune.  Sheena guides the party into Nakuru country and Sargent gets the footage he is after.  Kevin commits the murder using a blow gun he has stolen in an attempt to incriminate the Nakurus by suggesting robbery.  The framed man is tied to a stake and subjected to the trial by fire but Bob proves that Kevin is the killer when he finds him with a blow pipe before the flames can reach the innocent man.  Myra and Kevin flee into the jungle, shooting natives as they go. Sheena pursues the killers, saves the chief's life, and Kevin is killed by a poison dart from a native's blow gun.  Bob takes Myra back to Mombassa to stand trial and peace is restored to Sheena's jungle.

This episode, like the previous one, is amongst the earliest ones filmed at Las Estacas in Mexico (see Page 4: The Location in the Filming In Mexico section).  They begin the tradition of using no name guest stars and Mexican actors in boot polish in the roles of African natives.  The interesting thing for me about this episode is that there are plenty of scenes of Raul Gaona, the Mexican trapeze artist, climbing trees and dropping from trees.  However, the person doing the vine swinging scene that occurs at about two-and-a-half minutes into this episode has Irish McCalla's shapely rounded thighs and not Gaona's scrawny legs.  This has forced me to reconsider my claim that Irish never did her own stunts (see Page 9: Irish's Accident in the Filming In Mexico section).  The script is better than most and even has moments of tension.  Like the previous episode, it also has some homespun wisdom.  Sheena: People who hurt others never happy.  Bob: They look for happiness in the wrong way.  The Sheena-in-bondage scene in this episode, involving manipulating a spear with her legs, is novel (see film clip below).

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