Sheena Queen of the Jungle - Episode 6
Trade Of The Killer (© 14 Nov 55)

As far as we know, this episode has not survived, so full production details are not available.  Arthur Pierson was probably the director, as he directed the first ten episodes of the series, which would include this one.  Edward Nassour was certainly the producer and Joel Murcott would have been the story supervisor, a role he performed for the entire series.

Sheena Irish McCalla
Bob Rayburn Christian Drake
Chim Neal

The shopkeeper Charles Horvath
The thug Virgil Richardson
Unknown Carlos Musquiz

Sheena outwits a scheming thug who tries to force the sale of the jungle trading post by turning the native customers against its kindly old owner, who he eventually murders.

Virgil Richardson, who appeared in the previous episode, The Test, makes his second appearance in this episode (see photos).  This leads me to believe that the Nassours took advantage of the quality guest stars that they flew down to Mexico from the US and filmed several episodes at the same time.  The copyright dates on these two episodes confirms they were completed very close together.  Charles Horvath (see photos), who played the shopkeeper, had been appearing in B-films since the late-1940s, frequently playing native Americans.  He died in 1978, and continued to make film and television appearances until that time.  He was a regular on television programs like I Dream of Jeannie, and Mission: Impossible.  Fortunately, several photographs from the episode have survived.

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• I am indebted to The TV Collector magazine, Jan-Feb 97, and TV's Original Sheena - Irish McCalla by Black & Feret, 1992, Paragon, for providing a brief plot summary and the names of the guest stars for this episode.
• The screenshot of the opening title is from my DVD of this series
• Both photos on this page were pilfered from eBay auction items
• This episode is currently not available

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