Sheena Queen of the Jungle - Episode 11
Jungle Manhunt (© 22 Nov 55)

Director Stuart Gilmore
Producer Edward Nassour
Screenplay William Levy
Story Supervision Joel Murcott

Sheena Irish McCalla
Bob Rayburn Christian Drake
Chim Neal

Bebe Suzanne Alexander
Tracy John Kelly
Mack Pedro Galvan

An outlaw's teenage daughter runs into the jungle after her father is killed during a robbery. Sheena finds the defiant girl, who is injured, and tries to help her and teach her a lesson. Bob tells Sheena that the girls uncle has escaped arrest and is looking for her.

This long lost episode was finally discovered in mid-2006.  I hope to be able to provide a full analysis in the near future.

• The production credits for this episode were taken from the VHS copy of this episode generously provided by Frank Bonilla
• Both screenshots are from my DVD of this series
• This episode is currently not available commercially but may be in the future

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