Sheena Queen of the Jungle - Episode 16
The Lash

Director Carl K Hittleman
Producer Edward Nassour
Executive Producer Ismael Rodriguez
Screenplay & Story Supervision Joel Murcott

Sheena Irish McCalla
Bob Rayburn Christian Drake
Chim Neal

Bull Kendall Buddy Baer
Helen Kendall Roxanne Reed
Frank Kemp John Langley
Rafik Virgil Richardson

PLOT - NOTE: Spoiler warning
Bull Kendall, a professional thug and murderer, forces Bob into leading him and his mild-mannered wife, Helen, into the country of the Ninomo tribe.  The Ninomos are reputed to have a large store of the valuable musk of the civet, a key ingredient in expensive perfume, and Kendall is keen to get his hands on it.  On route they pass through the village of the Wajina tribe and Kendall releases four criminals being held captive there.  One of them, Rafik, a murderer, offers to lead them to the Ninomos.  Bob and his bearers are tied up and left behind but Sheena frees them.  At the Ninomo village, Lagi, the chief, is knocked unconscious and kidnapped by Kendall and Rafik so that they can extract the secret of the Ninomo treasure.  Sheena races to the Ninomo village and discovers Lagi is missing and follows them to the river where Kendall is interrogating Lagi about the treasure.  Sheena intervenes, disarms Kendall by grabbing his whip and manages to keep him at bay with his own whip.  Kendall lunges for Sheena and misses, falling into the crocodile-infested water.  Helen is now free of her husband's tyranny.

This is a fascinating story.  It is widely believed that the Tanya Roberts Sheena film of 1984 was the first Sheena feature film.  However, the Nassour Brothers, the producers of the this series, constructed a feature-length film called Queen of the Jungle from three episodes, unofficially called the "Bull Kendall trilogy".  They used the same group of actors in three consecutive episodes which were nebulously tied together.  It is still currently not known where the film was released and how extensively it was screened.  Sheena aficionado Frank Bonilla, who managed to acquire a copy on DVD from a collector, has had a permanent search for the title in eBay for many years and no poster, lobby cards, or other promotional material have ever shown up.  Additionally, the film is not mentioned on the Internet Movie Database, despite the fact that the series itself is covered in some detail.  Of major interest to fans is the fact that the middle episode of the trilogy, Land of the Rogue, has not survived, but is preserved in this film.  See also Page 1: The Sheena Movie Project in The Sheena Audition section.  

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