Sheena Queen of the Jungle - Episode 17
Land of the Rogue

Director Carl K Hittleman
Producer Edward Nassour
Executive Producer Ismael Rodriguez
Screenplay & Story Supervision Joel Murcott

Sheena Irish McCalla
Bob Rayburn Christian Drake
Chim Neal

Bull Kendall Buddy Baer
Rafik Virgil Richardson
Helen Kendall Roxanne Reed
Mr Evans Howard Bryant
Commissioner Farnham Jerry Molina

PLOT - NOTE: Spoiler warning
Bull Kendall, who has survived an attack by crocodiles, rescues Rafik from his Ninomo guards and together they decide to continue their quest for the valuable musk treasure of the Ninomos.  Helen, Kendall's wife, now works at Mr Evans' trading post, and they have begun to become fond of each other.  Commissioner Farnham alerts Bob, Evans and Sheena that there have been reports of a giant white man hiding out in the jungle and tells them to be on their guard (right).  Sheena leaves immediately to investigate.  Rafik suggests a plan to uncover the Ninomos' hidden treasure.  An old prophecy claims the village will be abandoned when the animals go mad, so Rafik and Kendall begin shooting and wounding animals randomly to create a frenzied stampede.  When Lagi, the Ninomo chief, digs up the pots of musk Rafik and Kendall drive the warriors away with gunfire and steal the treasure.  They soon begin to argue about their share of the treasure and Sheena adds to their suspicion of each other by getting Chim to switch the pots while they are sleeping.  While they are arguing Bob and Farnham arrive and take them into custody (below).  Once again Helen is free of Bull.

This episode, the second part of the "Bull Kendall trilogy", is still considered by many collectors to be one of the lost episodes of the Sheena series, and has not been seen by many people.  We are all fortunate that it survives as part of the very rare film Queen of the Jungle, discussed on the previous page, The Lash.  The featured guest star of these episodes, Buddy Baer, was a 6' 6" (1.98 m) ex-heavyweight boxing champion, as was his older brother Max.  Both appeared together in Africa Screams (1949), an Abbott and Costello comedy, that was one of the first films produced by Edward Nassour, the brains behind the Sheena series.  Nassour clearly wanted Baer for the threatening villain for his feature film idea.  The crucial scenes in this episode of the growing tension between Rafik, played by Virgil Richardson, and Bull Kendall are handled beautifully by both actors.  Strangely, the credits say Commissioner Farnham is played by Claude Brook (see Comments for the episode, Jungle Pursuit) but it is undoubtedly the mellow, plumby voice of Jerry Molina, who played Carver in The Leopard Men episode.  Typically, Baer's name is also misspelt as "Buddy Bear".

Click on the images below to see two short scenes from this episode:

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• Read an impressive Buddy Baer filmography at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
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