Sheena Queen of the Jungle - Episode 21
Crash in the Jungle

Director Carl K Hittleman
Producer Edward Nassour
Screenplay Warren Wilson
Story Supervision Joel Murcott

Sheena Irish McCalla
Bob Rayburn Christian Drake
Chim Neal

Clare Graham Rebeca Iturbide
Andy Charles Brooks
Doctor Nelson Henry Inigo
Duval John Langley
Frenchie Manuel Vegas

PLOT - NOTE: Spoiler warning
When the plane of Andy Howard, the local bush pilot, crashes in the jungle Sheena rescues him and takes him to her hut.  Bob, who has been waiting for Andy in Mombassa, makes friends with Clare Graham, a flirtatious film maker who is also waiting for Andy because he was delivering her film containing rare and valuable footage of the Naivashi tribe.   Woods, the local insurance broker, asks Bob to investigate the crash site for him and to write a report.  Andy is certain the plane was sabotaged and when Bob conveys this to Clare she laughs it off (right).  The film has been completely destroyed but Bob is unable to find any bomb fragments at the crash site.  Duval and Frenchie, Clare's associates, find and remove the incriminating evidence because Duval is the main beneficiary of the $100,000 insurance money.  When Bob and Andy explain this situation to Sheena she sets out to prove Clare could not have filmed the Naivashi's because they are so secretive.  On returning to Mombassa Sheena tricks Clare into performing a Naivashi dance and then reveals that dancing is taboo to the tribe.  Clare, who has become fond of Bob, confesses and Duval and Frenchie try to escape in a gun fight, but Sheena captures them and brings the schemers to justice (below).

Larry Urbanski, of Moviecraft, the distributor of the best quality Sheena prints, acquired this long-lost episode in mid-2005 and had it transferred to high resolution DVD.  I am indebted to Larry for making a copy available to me so that Sheena fans can satisfy their curiosity about it.  This episode is unique and delightful for several reasons: (1) it has one of the largest casts of any Sheena episode I have seen; (2) it is the only Sheena episode I know that features several scenes in a good-sized town; and (3) the developing love interest between Bob and Clare Graham, and Sheena's resulting suspicious jealousy, is unconventional for the series.  Rebecca Iturbide, the main guest star, was born in El Paso, Texas, but made most of her films in Mexico.  However, she appeared in several Hollywood films, including Hemingway's The Sun Also Rises (1952), with Tyrone Power and Ava Gardner, and Of Love and Desire (1960), with Merle Oberon, which was filmed in Mexico.  John Langley, the actor playing Duval, the villain, also appeared in two other episodes - The Lash and The Rival Queen

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