Sheena Queen of the Jungle - Episode 22
Hot Treasure

As far as we know, this episode has not survived, so full production details are not available.  Carl K Hittleman would have been the director, as he directed the eight episodes before this one and the three episodes after it.  Edward Nassour was certainly the producer and Joel Murcott would have been the story supervisor, a role he performed for the entire series.

Sheena Irish McCalla
Bob Rayburn Christian Drake
Chim Neal

No information available  

The chief of the local village asks for Sheena's help because one of the members of the tribe has been murdered, a very rare occurence in their society.  Bob is also robbed and captured while bringing a radium shipment through the jungle.  Sheena discovers there is a link to the murder of the local tribesman and cleverly traps the crooks and and recovers the radium.

The only thing of note worth mentioning about this episode, considering how little we know about it, is that it was not the first time that the nuclear age infiltrated the innocent and wholesome world of Sheena's TV jungle.  In The Leopard Men the dastardly foreigner, Helfer, is attempting to take over nice Mr Carver's uranium mine so that he can sell the desirable ore to a hostile foreign power.  In the Cold War environment of the 1950s there was no doubt about who that hostile foreign power might be.  The Atomic Age was in the forefront of most people's minds and this was reinforced by the popular cinema of the era.  A whole slew of radiation-mutated monsters, or creatures evicted by an A-Bomb test, stalked the movie screens - The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953); Them! (1954); Godzilla (1954), It Came From Beneath the Sea (1955); and many, many others.  No one could ever accuse this series of taking an "intellectual" approach to it's subject matter, but the fact that contemporary topics like nuclear radiation, and the social and political unrest of the African nations (see Perilous Journey and Fair Stranger) were even mentioned in this escapist entertainment directed at a junior audience, shows how inescapable the power of contemporary history truly is.
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• The brief plot summary and the costar credits were taken from The TV Collector magazine, No. 87, Jan-Feb 1997
• Both screenshots are from my DVD of this series
• This episode is currently not available

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