Sheena Queen of the Jungle - Episode 24
Devil's Mountain

As far as we know, this episode has not survived, so full production details are not available.  Carl K Hittleman would have been the director, as he directed the ten episodes before this one and the episode after it.  Edward Nassour was certainly the producer and Joel Murcott would have been the story supervisor, a role he performed for the entire series.

Sheena Irish McCalla
Bob Rayburn Christian Drake
Chim Neal

Waila Virgil Richardson
Walt Dale Mike Dolnikoff
Dexter Dale Claude Brooks

A group of unscrupulous renegades steal a sacred relic which they use to enslave the entire village. The tribe believe that the relic possesses great power and they they must follow the orders of whoever is in possession of the relic or a horrible fate will come from their disobedience. The thieves exploit this superstition to force the natives to mine rubies located in a live volcano.

Virgil Richardson makes his ninth, and last, appearance in the series as a guest star.  He had earlier appeared in The Test, Trade of the Killer, Perilous Journey, Eyes of the Idol, The Lash, Land of the Rogue, The Rival Queen, and The Magic Bag, making him the most frequently seen guest star on the series.  Another actor in this episode, Claude Brooks, also appears to have been a favourite with the production company.  Brooks is seen in major roles in Jungle Pursuit, Crash in the Jungle, and Secret of the Temple.  Strangely, his real name, Brooks, was used for this one and Secret of the Temple.  He is called Claude Brook in the credits of Jungle Pursuit, resulting in him having two different entries in the Internet Movie Database.  He used this name for his appearance in Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer (see the Jungle Pursuit page for more on that film).  A third variation of his name, Charles Brooks, was used for Crash in the Jungle.  As Claude Brooks, he is also credited with appearing in a made-in-Mexico western called Fury in Paradise (1955), which is almost a Sheena Queen of the Jungle "old home week reunion".  Besides Brooks, two of its other stars appeared in the Sheena series.  Eduardo Noriega played Pepe in The Sacred River, although under the name "Edward Noriega".  In an incestuous coincidence, Noriega was also in Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer, mentioned above, with Brooks.  The other was Rebecca Iturbide, who played the deceptive filmmaker, Clare Graham, in Crash in the Jungle (with Brooks), also mentioned above.  I am almost certain that the glue that held this ragtag association together was Ismael Rodriguez, the Executive Producer of the Sheena series.  He was the co-director of Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer and I suspect he was also the intermediary that orchestrated the casting of all of the Mexican actors that appeared in the series.

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• The brief plot summary and the costar credits were taken from The TV Collector magazine, No. 87, Jan-Feb 1997
• Both screenshots are from my DVD of this series
• Read a lenghty Ismael Rodriguez filmography at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
• Read a lenghty Eduardo Noriega filmography at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
• Read a lenghty  Rebecca Iturbide filmography at the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
• This episode is currently not available

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