Below are links to several fascinating items that I hope will please the hearts of Irish McCalla fans, and satisfy the merely curious - three film clips and a lengthy interview.

Two of the clips are of Irish as Sheena and they are presented here because Irish herself identified them as the footage that she was most proud.   In her 1997 interview with The TV Collector magazine she said that there were two scenes "which stood out for her" when she watched the series.

The first is a scene from The Sacred River and shows Irish entering the water on her belly, commando style, in order to rescue Bob and a careless visitor, who has offended the tribe that revere the river.  "It was kinda like when you're a kid and your playing army." Irish said.

The second scene is from the episode called The Lash, and features Sheena confronting a giant thug named Bull Kendall, who is an expert with a bullwhip.  She manages to disarm him and turn the tables on him.  Irish said that she had to learn to use a bullwhip for that scene and that she would have to slip on her jeans to practice with it.  "And I loved the way I looked when I saw it on film.  I loved the menacing way I did that." she said.

The third film clip is from very rare footage of Irish frolicking on the beach wearing bikinis.  It was filmed in the early 1950s, probably by one of the fashion photographers that Irish worked for regularly.  Frank Bonilla, the world's foremost Irish McCalla collector, unearthed the old film and had it transferred to DVD.  A short excerpt from the footage is included here.
Lastly, the other fascinating item is a 77-minute interview with Irish discussing many aspects of her life with Marianne Ohl Phillips, a close friend of hers.  Marianne is a pin-up enthusiast who runs a beautiful web site: MOP -  Marianne Ohl Phillips.  Marianne conducted the interview at Irish's home in Prescott Arizona in 1995.  I am also indebted to Frank Bonilla for providing this wonderful rarity.  It is presented here in four segments, each about 20-minutes long, to facilitate easier listening.

THE FILM CLIPS - click on the images below to play the clips

The Sacred River
The Lash
Beach movie

THE 1995 INTERVIEW - click on the images below to access the interview


The TV Collector magazine, Jan/Feb 97
• The photo of Irish at the top of the page was pilfered from an eBay auction item
• The three vidcaps were taken from my DVDs of these films
• See lots of wonderful pinup art covering the entire history of the medium at MOP -  Marianne Ohl Phillips

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