This page about the end of Irish McCalla's life would not have been possible without the writings of Bill Black.  Black, the editor and publisher of AC Comics, and his buddy, Bill Feret, developed a close friendship with Irish in the early-1990s, while working on her biography, TV's Original Sheena - Irish McCalla (1992).  Over the years Bill Black used AC Comics publications to give regular accounts of Irish's appearances at fan conventions and also helped to promote McCalla Enterprises, Irish's own memorabilia company.  When Irish passed away Bill produced Irish Of The Jungle (2003), a heartfelt publication that gave a rare insight into Irish's declining health over her last few years.  Many thanks for sharing that with us Bill (see the photo of Bill and Irish on Page 2 - The Personal Appearances Circuit - Again - see link below).

I am using the term "final years" here very broadly.  This section will describe many aspects of Irish McCalla's life from the early-1960s, when she retired from the entertainment business, until her death in February 2002.  A better description might be "Irish McCalla's Life After Sheena", except much of that is already covered on the Personal Appearances pages and the Irish McCalla's Art Career page.

Page 1 From Sheena to Professional Artist
Page 2 The Personal Appearances Circuit - Again
Page 3 Those Three Husbands
Page 4 The End
Page 5 Conclusion

• The photo of older Irish posing with the Royal Pair painting at a Glamourcon convention was donated by Frank Bonilla
• Many of the publications quoted from in this section are available from the official AC Comics site

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