Part 3: Personal Appearances - Intro  


When Irish McCalla and the other members of the Sheena crew returned to Los Angeles in mid-1956 they were surprised to learn that the low budget television series that they had been labouring on for many months in the isolated jungles of Mexico was a smash hit.  Sheena Queen of the Jungle had begun screening in some locations as early as December 1955 and was now screening in syndication all over the country.  When Irish came off the plane she was astounded to learn that everyone knew who she was.  "I couldn't believe it!  I was really hot!" she later explained.  Irish soon embarked on a rigorous touring schedule to promote the series.  She continued to make a living making personal appearances for most of the next decade because the show was being screened in foreign markets as far afield as Japan and Australia.  Inevitably, the exposure she received eventually led to her appearing on the big screen, discussed in the Irish in Film section, and to several roles on television dramas.
I am using the term "personal appearances" here to refer to several concepts: (a) most importantly, it refers to the promotional appearances that Irish made, both in-person and on camera, to publicise the Sheena Queen of the Jungle series; (b) also discussed are early television appearances that Irish made before she was Sheena, invariably as a decorative glamour model on variety shows; (c) I also examine the tours that Irish did to promote Sheena, both in the US and abroad; (d) also covered are Irish's appearances as a serious dramatic actress on several television series in the late-1950s and early-1960s; (e) lastly, I look at Irish's little-known, and very short-lived, appearances on the theatrical stage.

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• Both promotional images of Irish as Sheena are from late-1950s publications made by the Nassour Brothers, courtesy of Frank Bonilla


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