While casting around for new ideas for their comic strips Eisner & Iger LTD obviously discussed the growing popularity of Tarzan.  They avoided creating a direct imitation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' famous character and came up with the novel idea of a female jungle hero, and in 1938 Sheena was born (see The Origin of Sheena page).  Several years later they obviously had a change of heart and decided to create a new jungle hero that bore a strong resemblance to Tarzan - Ka'anga.  The major discernible difference was that Ka'anga was blonde.  Like Tarzan, who had Jane, Ka'anga also had a female companion with a short, simple unexotic name - Ann.  Ka'anga never reached the same lofty heights of popularity that Burroughs' creation did, but during that heady period from the early 40s to the mid-60s, when the jungle genre was in high demand in books, films and comics, he was readily accepted by fans keen for some jungle action wherever they could get it.

To identify the cover artists that worked on Jungle Comics I have relied on two sources - The Iger Comics Kingdom (1985) by Jay Edward Disbrow and Book of Jungle Comics - The Photo Cover Guide to Jungle Comics, published by A List Comics in July 1998.  Like the Jumbo Comics Gallery, I have also cross-referenced to The Grand Comics Database Project (GCD) website for further clarification where necessary.  I have again used the same system where there is any disagreement between these sources.  I have provided both names and have Identified the sources.  Disbrow's account is provided first and is numbered (1) and A List's is numbered (2).  The GCD is numbered (3).

Again, the publication date of the issue is provided, as well as the name of the featured Ka'anga story, many of which bear a remarkable resemble to the names of the Sheena stories in Jumbo Comics.  I also recommend that you also read Fiction House Comics: Page 3 - Cover Artists if you haven't done so already.  Many of those artists also worked on the Jungle Comics covers.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a large size image of each cover:

Jungle Comics # 1
Jan 40
Lou Fine
Prey of the Slavers
Jungle Comics # 2
Feb 40
Will Eisner-Bob Powell
Terror of the Bush
Jungle Comics # 3
Mar 40
Charles Sultan
Crocodiles of Death River

Jungle Comics # 4
Apr 40
Charles Sultan
Jungle Comics # 5
May 40
Bob Powell (1) or Will Eisner (2)
Empire of the Apeman
Jungle Comics # 6
Jun 40
Bob Powell (1) or Will Eisner (2)
Tigress of the Deep Jungle Swamp

Jungle Comics # 7
Jul 40
Bob Powell
Live Sacrifice
Jungle Comics # 8
Aug 40
Bob Powell
Safari Into Shadowland
Jungle Comics # 9
Sep 40
Nick Viscardi
Captive of the Voodoo Master

Jungle Comics # 10
Oct 40
Nick Viscardi
Lair of the Renegade Killer
Jungle Comics # 11
Nov 40
Dan Zolnerowich
Jungle Comics # 12
Dec 40
Dan Zolnerowich
The Devil's Death-trap

Jungle Comics # 13
Jan 41
George Tuska
Stalker of the Beasts
Jungle Comics # 14
Feb 41
George H Appel (1) or George Tuska(2)
Vengeance of the Gorilla Hordes
Jungle Comics # 15
Mar 41
Nick Viscardi (1) or George Tuska (2)
Terror of the Voodoo Cauldron

Jungle Comics # 16
Apr 41
Nick Viscardi
Caveman Killer
Jungle Comics # 17
May 41
Joe Celardo
Valley of the Killer-Birds
Jungle Comics # 18
Jun 41
Dan Zolnerowich
Trap of the Tawny Killer

Jungle Comics # 19
Jul 41
Dan Zolnerowich
Revolt of the Man-Apes
Jungle Comics # 20
Aug 41
Dan Zolnerowich
Live-Offering to the Ju-Ju Demon
Jungle Comics # 21
Sep 41
Dan Zolnerowich
Monster of the Dismal Swamp


Jungle Comics # 22
Oct 41
Dan Zolnerowich
Lair of the Winged Fiend
Jungle Comics # 23
Nov 41
Dan Zolnerowich
Man-Eater Jaws
Jungle Comics # 24
Dec 41
Dan Zolnerowich
Battle of the Beasts






• All images were taken from a CD-Rom of comic covers in my private collection

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