SHEENA (1984)
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PLOT SUMMARY - NOTE: Spoiler warning
A young, blonde orphaned girl is raised by the female shaman of the Zambuli tribe to be Sheena, protector of the tribe and all of the animals.  The shaman is arrested for the murder of the king of Tigora when she goes to the city to warn him of danger.  The king's brother, Prince Otwani, plotting with the King's ambitious fiancé, Zanda, has disposed of the king to take power and gain access to the mineral riches of the Zambuli's sacred Mount Gujara.  Otwani's plans are frustrated by Vic Casey, an American journalist, and his photographer, Fletch, who have proof on film that the Zambuli shaman is innocent.  Fletch and Casey encounter Sheena when she rescues the shaman from prison but the old woman dies soon after and appoints Sheena her successor.  Fletch attempts to get the incriminating film out to international news services while Casey and Sheena are pursued by Otwani, Zanda and a band of mercenaries led by Colonel Jorgensen, who believe they still have the film.  Otwani and his men casually slaughter an innocent village of Zambulis and Sheena swears vengeance on them and vows to fight back.  Sheena and Casey are captured by Otwani and his men and Casey is sent back to town as a prisoner to retrieve the film while Sheena is held as a hostage.  Zanda, correctly believing that Otwani is attracted to Sheena, commandeers a helicopter to hurl Sheena to her death over the Zambuli Falls so that the Zambulis can witness the death of their shaman and protectress.  Large flocks of flamingos come to Sheena's rescue and Zanda plummets to her death during the attack.  Sheena leaps to safety before the chopper crashes and rallies the Zambulis to take up their weapons against Otwani and his men.  Meanwhile, Casey has managed to overcome his two guards and takes control of the Land Rover to return for Sheena.  Sheena lures Otwani and his men into The Great Forest where the Zambuli archers and spearmen engage in a savage battle with Otwani and his men.  Sheena's animal friends are summoned to their assistance.  Jorgensen and Otwani are killed and Sheena and Casey enjoy a brief romantic interlude before he returns to civilisation, intent on keeping the modern world away from Sheena and her Zambulis. 

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