SHEENA (1984) with Tanya Roberts

Director John Guillerman
Producers Paul Aratow, Yoram Ben-Ami & Christian Ferry
Writers Story - David Newman & Leslie Stevens
  Screenplay - David Newman & Lorenzo Semple Jr

Sheena Tanya Roberts
Vic Casey Ted Wass
Fletch Agronsky Donovan Scott
Shaman Elizabeth of Toro
Countess Zanda France Zobda
Prince Otwani Trevor Thomas
King Jabalani Clifton Jones
Colonel Jorgensen John Forgeham
Janet Ames (child Sheena) Kathryn Gant
Young Sheena Kirsty Lindsay

Page 1 The Concept
Page 2 The Director
Page 3 The Star
Page 4 Supporting Cast
Page 5 The Location
Page 6 The Plot and video clips
Page 7 Conclusion

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